A riveting and rhythmic blend that envelops audiences, Ricki Erik’s new release

‘GenReality’ Pronounced: /ˈZHän re·al·i·ty is an album like no other

Peabody, MA — Titled, ‘GenReality: Volume 1,’ the artist’s bold new record is the answer to what the music world needs. The focal point of the new album is explained in the fitting title, “Genre-Reality.” Through its catchy title, the record itself spans a mix of multiple genres, with every song reflecting a different style and musical character.

From the first single, “Party Tonite,” which is a mesmerizing Dance-Pop song, to the exceptional Blues track, “Here I Come Baby,” and the evocative wedding ballad “Can’t Get Enough,” there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Although a bold and formidable choice, the album itself seems to showcase a perfect reflection of the artist who calls it his “most authentic album.” Drawing upon influences of Earth Wind & Fire, the Eagles, Led Zepplin, Billy Holiday, Sam Cook, and Bob Marley, Ricki Erik is known to never stay inside one box. His diverse and dynamic catalog of reggae, rock, hip hop, R&B, and even dance/pop songs pays testament to his expansive techniques.

“Everything has its time and place. No matter what the consequences, no matter what happened before then, and after… everything has its place. I think now is a perfect time… for this, for me…It’s been a long time coming and, for some reason, the words and lyrics are just flowing better than it ever has,” says the artist regarding his 15-year-long hiatus during his creative journey and process.

Creating and experimenting with new sounds and original concepts, Ricki Erik’s new record is an unyielding labor of love. The artist’s passionate craft is elevated by the presence of several collaborating creatives. The single, “Come Te Llamas” was written and produced by his close friend, and Realm Music record label producer, Tony Miguel. The first thing you notice is the Latin beat but the overall vibe is different. It’s sexy, flirty, and fun!

Similarly, the rap love ballad “Feelings” features Zambo Buchanon, whose father is Big Youth, a legendary reggae artist, and the artist’s close friend and Grammy award-winning producer, Paul Fakhourie is the production force behind the blues track, “Here I Come Baby.”

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Born and raised by Native Jamaican parents, Ricki Erik is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, producer, musician, and actor. Now a local Bostonian, Ricki jams with a 3-member band, Trif3cta, when he is not filming, or working on his solo music. A self-taught pianist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and self-taught producer, Ricki is influenced by experiences in life, love, happiness, and pain, creating music that is both authentic and relatable. His latest album, ‘Genreality: Volume 1’ pushes the envelope of authenticity even further as he takes his listeners with him through his exploration of different genres, Ricki Erik style. Among other career milestones, Ricki Erik ventured into producing a Reggae album with legendary Rock n Roll Hall of Famer, Henry Stone of Hot Productions. In 1990, he was a presenter at the Reggae Music Awards. He was also an extra in Random Hearts with Harrison Ford and starred in a Pepsi commercial with Latin sensation Shakira. Nine years later, Ricki played alongside the likes of Stevie B who held a Billboard #1 hit song titled “Because I love You,” which was written by longtime friend Warren Allen Brooks.


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