A Song of Hope, Inspiration, and Healing for the Strongest Survivors- Darla Z Unveils Beautiful New Single

“To All the Gabbys in the World” is more than just a melodic track, it is an emblem of the message of hope, resilience, and bravery that survivors of domestic violence exhibit

Edmond,Oklahoma — June 8th, 2023 – An inspiring force who is empowering women through her music, Darla Z has unveiled her unique new single, “To All the Gabbys in the World.” With a message of hope and inspiration, the new track beautifully addresses the issue of domestic violence and serves as a rallying cry for abused women to break free from their circumstances and embark on a new life.

Motivated by real-life events and personal experiences, Darla Z penned the song as a means to motivate and encourage domestically abused women. The tragic story of Gabby Petito, a beautiful and beloved soul, deeply impacted Darla Z and served as a motivation for her creative expression.

Witnessing the firsthand struggles of a valiant friend who had suffered abuse at the hands of her husband fueled the artist’s passion and determination to make a difference. “To All the Gabbys in the World ” is an intricately arranged composition by the renowned Lou Pomanti, known for his arrangements on two Grammy award winning albums for acclaimed artist Michael Buble.

The accompanying music video, directed by award-winning director Rick Walker, complements the song’s powerful message, with Darla Z independently contributing to the script.

Having dropped for listeners on June 2, 2023, the single and music video for “To All the Gabbys in the World” has touched almost 900,000 hearts and minds, garnering an overwhelming response on Facebook! The single is now being widely streamed on Apple Music and iTunes, among other platforms.

“I  wrote and recorded this song in order to motivate and inspire domestically abused women to “walk away” from their horrible situations and start their life anew. ” affirms Darla Z, regarding her new music.

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Darla Z is a versatile artist, singer-songwriter, and passionate advocate for spreading awareness about domestic violence. With a career that kickstarted by opening in concert for the legendary Willie Nelson, Darla Z’s talent and dedication have taken her far beyond the stage. Darla Z is also a children’s book author, having authored a popular book series titled the Cat Detectives. Her work has garnered recognition and received recommendations from esteemed organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States.

Darla Z aims to utilize her platform to encourage victims of domestic violence to break free from their abusive situations. She actively seeks opportunities for interviews and reviews, eager to share her message of empowerment and support for survivors. Darla Z and her team are committed to using the proceeds from her latest song towards raising awareness and assisting victims of domestic abuse as well.

The eclectic artist has not only shared the stage with iconic artists like Wayne Newton and The Gap Band but has also collaborated with notable figures such as Ronnie Wilson of The Gap Band and acclaimed pianist/composer Bob Rozario. Her exceptional talent has been showcased in three public television specials that have reached a national audience. Darla Z’s music and advocacy work are an everlasting medium of awareness, providing support, and empowering survivors of domestic violence.




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