A Soul-Stirring Testimony of God’s Grace, Healing and Delivering Power- Sondra Busby Unveils Passionate Gospel Album

“We Need Your Presence” presents listeners an introspective, intimate, and inspirational journey to realize and remember God’s countless gifts

Silver, SC — August 30th, 2022 – A humbled, anointed, and diligent Gospel singer-songwriter, Sondra Busby is driven by a passion and a purpose. Her beautiful musical compositions, curated under her soulful album, “We Need Your Presence” echo a distinct value and vision.

Invigorating audiences with renewed purpose, Sondra Busby continues to follow her heart, working towards the very goal and purpose of her ministry. Guiding believers to return to the Throne of Grace and compelling non-believers to surrender, the talented artist enshrines audiences to worship God just for who He is.

 “We Need Your Presence” was released for audiences on August 30th , 2019, and has been entirely written, produced, and arranged by Sondra Busby. Listeners to her powerful and spiritual record are bound to internalize a newfound sense of relief, freedom, peace, and the presence of the Almighty. Encouraged to turn towards worship, listeners will appreciate the uniqueness of a record that comes straight from the heart.

A timely reminder and heartfelt testimony to the life of herself, Sondra Busby’s new album is an affirmation and declaration of God’s grace, healing, and all-encompassing power. With her intimate musical compositions, the rising artist hopes to achieve pure satisfaction of her love for God, while also galvanizing listeners to be cognizant of His presence, honor Him for what He’s already done, and to worship Him because He is God, alone.

“Every song is soul-stirring and reminds us to be in His presence, stay at His feet, and in the place where He is near. We should remember to take the time to just be thankful for what God has already done and then, say thank you,” says Sondra Busby regarding her powerful new release.

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Singer, song writer, author, mother of 3 and wife of 21 years, Sondra Busby hails from the little town of Silver, South Carolina. Bringing audiences memorable Gospel music from the heart, Sondra Busby’s awe-inspiring rise to stardom with music began at the age of 5. Following God’s chastisement, in 2017, she began to pursue her ministry of music.

Driven by her motto which states “Find Your Purpose, Pursue It and The Rest Will Follow”, Sondra Busby affirms that every song was given to her spontaneously by God, along with every word, rhythm, musical arrangement, and rearrangement.

“Surprisingly, once a song was completed, He gave me a scripture to confirm it. I am determined to Honor my God’s plans to minister through the gift of music. Some say that I am gifted and anointed, but I say that I am purposed!” she comments regarding her musical journey.



Sondra Busby
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