A Soulful Voice in the Budding Blues Scene- Mac McCaffery Elevates the Mood with Original Single “Early Morning Blues”

Enveloping listeners with a soulful authenticity and exhilarating rhythms, Mac McCaffery’s new single is one which guarantees a hilarious experience

kingsland, Texas —May 16th, 2023 – With raw, gritty instrumentation, riveting lyricism, and elevating immersive vocals, Mac McCaffery is slated to become one of the most prominent Blues artists of today.

Having recently unveiled his layered new single, “Early Morning Blues” which dropped for listeners on April 23rd, 2023, the artist delivers a smooth, flowing, and refreshing track- defining his own lane in the beloved genre. Taking inspiration from the icons of Blues, Mac McCaffery was moved to create his own impactful presence with his music.

“Early Morning Blues” is an embodiment of love, commitment, and dedication which the artist has put into developing his own distinctive style. Combining traditional Blues styles with crisp contemporary influences, Mac McCaffery presents an originality and timelessness which has become his definitive, characteristic persona.

A stand-out act in Blues, Mac McCaffery is seamlessly able to conjure a rich blend of emotions and paints his own unique tapestry. Captivating listeners with compelling and moving lyricism, the skilled singer-songwriter is creating quite the buzz with his new music.

Already a growing sensation who continues to rake in countless streams on YouTube and other official music streaming platforms, Mac McCaffery is poised to become a peerless artist. McCaffery hopes that through his brilliant collaborative compositions and characteristic style, he will be able to resonate with diverse audiences. The artist plans to continue releasing relatable, emotional, and authentic music in the years to come, creating a formidable identity with each new drop.

“I think that listeners will get a good laugh from “Early Morning Blues,”” comments Mac McCaffery regarding his new single.

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Mac McCaffery is a seasoned musician with an impressive 50-year musical journey. Since 1992, Mac has been leaving his mark on the vibrant music scene of Austin, Texas. Initially known for his drumming skills on 6th Street, Mac’s life took a turn when he had to become his wife’s caregiver during her battle with liver cancer. During this challenging period, Mac discovered his passion for guitar and song writing. Tragically, his wife passed away in 2004, but Mac’s resilience and love for music carried him forward.

While working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Mac dedicated himself to studying guitar and recording his own original compositions. He triumphantly returned to performing live gigs, reinvigorated by his newfound creative outlet. The artist is currently crafting his fourth album, showcasing his growth as an artist over the years. He is also releasing singles that capture the essence of his deep appreciation for blues music, particularly the early pioneers like Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson.


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