A Spectrum of Dynamic Hip Hop Compositions – Complex Theory Mesmerizes with New Album ‘Halcyon Dayz’

Through a series of enlivening tracks, Complex Theory has built for himself an unparalleled musical footprint which has got no equal

Chicago, IL —March 31st, 2023 – Enveloping audiences with a stunning medium of Hip Hop which embodies a wide range of narratives, rhythms, and musical elements, Complex Theory remains an unrivalled musical act. The brainchild of Jarvis Charles, Complex Theory’s electric new record is garnering all the right kind of traction.

‘Halcyon Dayz,’ as the album is known, remains a one-of-a-kind, riveting blend which has been produced by the legendary Marcus D, and written/recorded by the artist himself, and which embodies a fascinating musical appeal.

Complex Theory’s remarkable discography includes the album, ‘Perspectives,’ alongside numerous singles which resonate with a variety of audiences. Having honed his distinctive style after 20 years of doing music, the artist’s music continues to blend elements from Old-School Hip Hop to refreshing, unique, and contemporary R&B, Jazz, and Reggae variants.

Intriguingly, his music has the capacity to not only thrill audiences, but also keep them hooked to his storytelling. For instance, the single “Good Intentions” is a moving and poignant picture of some of the hard times which the artist faced in his life.

Complex Theory is looking forward to releasing a new album soon with contemporary artist Prolific. He is also looking forward to planning a tour very soon as well.

Motivated to support himself and others through his music and creating a lane for himself and others to be successful, Complex Theory’s compositions hope to stay true to his own brand of art. He remains inspired by a wide mix of musical acts and iconic artists such as: Tchaikovsky, Sam Cook, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Metallica, The Black Keys, Wu Tang, Nas, The Roots, among others.

Flourishing towards success with 5 different records being released in the last 5 years, with most songs self-produced, Complex Theory remains unmatched. His main goal is to start an organization where he can facilitate a wide variety of events ranging from music festivals, freestyle hip hop or break dance competitions.

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Jarvis Charles, better known by his stage name Complex Theory, is a hip-hop artist and producer hailing from Chicago. During the day, he works as a software engineer and app developer, but when he’s not coding, he channels his raw emotions and poetic lyrics into his precisely crafted tracks. His experience in app development has allowed him to refine his creative process, resulting in self-produced and written songs.

While he’s been the primary driving force behind his music, his engineer has served as his executive producer. Despite working with other artists, most within his circle haven’t been as dedicated due to the financial struggles associated with pursuing music. Despite these obstacles, Complex Theory has released an impressive five albums in the past five years, with many songs being self-produced.


Complex Theory
Name: Jarvis Charles
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComplexTheoryEnt
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/complextheoryent/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/complextheory23
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCwVWuFgkkCOu8i3VPJjdFQ
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7x6S56y0kSrcJ34TuGuztk
LastFM: https://www.last.fm/music/Complex+Theory


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