A Stirring Force in Alternative Marking their Comeback with New Single: Dynamic Band klevershirts Are Back to the Scene

With the release of their exciting new track, “Boulder” after a 35-year hiatus, klevershirts showcase a unique dynamism and feel-good vibe- unlike any other band.

Douglas, Isle of Man, United Kingdom —  February 29th, 2022 – Returning to the music scene after a 35-year hiatus, seasoned musical collective, Klevershirts are set to take the industry by storm. Having released their newest track, “Boulder” on February 19th, 2022, the band showcases a unique musical identity and song writing talent.

Boulder” is a stunning new addition to the genre, which was independently written, composed, and recorded by klevershirts. The stirring new single was made available on all streaming platforms on 19 February.

Based in the Isle of Man- a small island in the north west Irish Sea, between Liverpool and Belfast- famous for its world renowned TT motorcycle races, Klevershirts originally formed in 1986. Ever since then, the eclectic artists have continually galvanized their talents through their distinct styles and rhythms, delivered with inclusivity in mind.

klevershirts reformed with their founding members Paul Sellors, Lee Harrison, Robbie Sampson and Mark Green in 2020, and began to rehearse for the band’s comeback concert in February 2021. After getting back together, the formidable band members hit the road with several gigs spread across the Isle of Man.

In August 2021, Jonny P stepped in on the drums taking the mantle from Mark G and the current line-up was shaped. klevershirts went back into the recording studio for the first time since 1987 to record 9 tracks for release during 2022. With their newest release, “Boulder” the group is once again set to amaze audiences.

“Our music makes you think. It’s about real life and that even though life can be good for some and not so good for others we are all the same and usually all have the same sorts of challenges,” say the artists regarding their musical ethos.

Visit klevershirts website to download the new single and follow the group on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new tracks. Contact the group for interviews or live performances, and follow the group’s fascinating musical trajectory on the “our story” page on their website.




In 1986 five young lads from the Isle of Man in their teens and early 20s got together, armed with the idea of forming an original band- manifested through ‘klevershirts’. Driven by a thirst to actualize their gifts, the group began rehearsing at the Douglas Head Hotel concert room, galvanizing their talents and skills.

Encompassing the prowess of bassist Robbie Sampson, guitarist Lee Harrison, drummer Mark Green, vocalist Paul Sellors and guitarist Selwyn Collister, the dynamic band presents an eclectic mix of styles and sounds. Inspired by the musical influences of Duran Duran, Level 42, REM, The Who, The Jam, and The Stranglers, klevershirts provide a memorable soundscape. Having won “Battle of the Bands” at the Palace Lido in April 1987, the groups rich discography includes the tracks, “Bright white light”, “Laughing in my face”, “Sucker” and “Now that I have”.



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