A Sublime New Age Record with Inspiring Instrumentation – Dixon Doll Jr. Fascinates with Powerful 13-Track Album

Presenting a stirring piano solo that ushers listeners into an awe-inspiring wave, Dixon Doll Jr.’s album, ‘Ten Years’ is a truly timeless record

San Mateo, CA — September 27th, 2022 – An album that spans 13 tracks and a myriad of emotions, Dixon Doll Jr.’s striking musical record, ‘Ten Years’ is rife with soulful instrumentation, unmatched melodies, and a distinct flow. A new age release that is elevated by Dixon Doll Jr.’s brilliant piano playing, ‘Ten Years’ has continued to shine throughout the years.

A breathtaking and glorious blend of melodies, the new record enchants listeners with the artist’s smooth and soft instrumentals. With masterful instrumentation on the piano and keyboard, Dixon’s works highlight his complex artistic and creative abilities. Tracks such as “Cool,” “Musical Nights,” and “Valiant” present an intimate and layered songwriting style with a powerful backstory. Dixon Doll Jr.’s record exceptionally delivers the sentiments that underpin each of his tracks while staying true to the album’s theme.

A skilled musician and songwriter, Dixon’s songwriting has the power of captivating audiences with thoughtful lyricism. Apart from ‘Ten Years,’ Dixon Doll Jr.’s other records include ‘Independence Way,’ which takes audiences through a different but marvelous journey.

Dixon’s piano influences include Bruce Hornsby, Elton John, Billy Joel, Liz Story, Phil Aaberg, and David Lanz. His music draws inspiration from the iconic work of Miles Davis, Chopin, and The Rolling Stones and has appeared on television and countless radio stations across the country. The artist has also played at a number of live events over the years, including at the Andre Agassi charity event in 1996 in Las Vegas, where he enthralled listeners with his fervor.

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Dixon Doll Jr. was motivated to return to solo piano music in 1987, while he was in college, after attending a George Winston concert in Washington, D.C. Dixon grew up with piano lessons but had not played for several years. The artist returned to the piano during college and began composing and writing his own music brand. After writing for his first album in 1992, he followed up with another album in 1994. Dixon set out to record his unique piano style, which illustrates life experiences such as leaving home and graduating from college.

Dixon’s compositions range from slower-moving pieces to tracks that meld popular music with jazz. Dixon privately recorded his first piano solo album, ‘IN THE DARK,’ in 1992 after meeting George Winston’s producer, Howard Johnston, who co-produced both ‘IN THE DARK’ and Dixon’s second release, ‘INDEPENDENCE WAY’. Dixon released his 3rd album ‘TEN YEARS’ in the Fall of 2004, which was recorded in San Francisco and is dedicated to the memory of a close friend who passed away from cancer.

Dixon Doll Jr.’s records are available on Apple Music, iTunes, CDBaby, Panjea.com, Statue Records, Sony Connect, Yahoo, and his website dixondolljr.com. The artist has received massive airplay on radio stations in the United States, and his album ‘Ten Years’ has also earned outstanding reviews.


Dixon Doll Jr.
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