A Vibrant Dance Ballad Inspired By Real Life: Gianluca Zanna Releases A Hit New Single with Brian Reeves

“I Want To Know – Are You the One” is a scintillating new musical masterpiece with upbeat dance tunes that reflect some of the artist’s own life experiences.

Miami, Fl — June 12th, 2022- Gianluca Zanna is a former Italian immigrant, recording artist, songwriter, and music producer. The rising star is an artist in all senses of the word with musical talent that manifests in a variety of different ways. Gianluca has honed his craft as a musician which has culminated in him working with prominent music industry stalwart Brian Reeves, a world-famous record producer, and sound engineer who has worked with talents like Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Billy Idol, Simple Minds just to name some. The pair have collaborated on a string of well-received single releases now teaming up to work their magic once again for another dazzling track titled “I Want to Know (Are You the One)” arranged by Simone Sello.

“I Want to Know – Are You the One” is an illuminating, upbeat dance track that shines with its bright sonics and instrumentation; heavily leaning into the electro-pop space with its wondrous mix of melodious synths, pads, and keyboard phrases. The soundscape is reminiscent of those big-time pop tracks that ruled the 80’s. . The songwriting vividly captures the essence of a romantic and emotional roller coaster that has had its share of trials and tribulations, however, it still has the capability of providing beautiful moments. The ethereal, angelic vocals project an alluring aura of romance in an extremely unique way.

The inspiration for this song is explained by Gianluca in the following quote “I dream of most of my melodies or are the results of my lifestyle experiences that give me emotions that I transform in music and lyrics. This melody came into my dream and a few days later I was inspired to create the lyrics by a woman whom I met in my life. All the songs I write are the results of real-life experience”.

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Gianluca Zanna’s musical journey began in Italy, where he was born in Rome. After what was in many respects an idyllic early childhood near the sea, listening to his grandfather’s serenades, soaking in the cinematic epic musical scores and fantasy in his family’s movie theatre, the artist went to a much more sterile and even harsh environment–boarding school. It was during this time that the artist discovered the magic of music–the ability to fly away to another universe.

At that same time, as a young teenager, Gianluca studied Ancient Latin and Ancient Greek, where the musician discovered a love for the great Italian poets of the classical past, like Ovid, Catullus, and Petrarch, leading to Dante and then D’Annunzio. Zanna admired their ability to transmit feelings and pictures in a few brief phrases as a way to fight for what they believed in whether it be love, freedom, or another of their humanist values. It is both these experiences that have shaped Gianluca as the lyrical and melodic genius that the music industry desperately needs!


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