Abandon The Fall Rock It Out With New Single “The Hurt”

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Houston, Texas – August 27, 2019 – Abandon The Fall is the mastermind of artist, producer, and songwriter Juan Espinoza. With almost two decades worth of experience under his belt, he’s proud to present the latest Abandon The Fall single. “The Hurt” promises to take rock fans to the next level and beyond.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Of Mice and Men, and Linkin Park, Abandon The Fall isn’t just about creating rock anthems but anthemic soundscapes with cascades of rock, melodies, and more. Aggressive pulsations are teamed with empowering chords and open lyrics on “The Hurt” to present a well-rounded listening experience for fans of rock with depth.

Abandon The Fall’s Juan Espinoza started working in music 15 years ago. Producing every other genre under the sun, he finally decided to focus on his own project five years ago. During that time he began to map out the blueprint for Abandon The Fall. In the end, he was met with an honest outlook in his lyrics matched with rock arrangements that could pair well on a playlist alongside KoRn and Deftones.

Those interested in adding new rock to their playlists, featuring “The Hurt” on their site, or interviewing Abandon The Fall can reach out via the information provided below.

For more information on Abandon The Fall, head here: https://spotify.com/abandonthefall


Abandon The Fall showcase a fearless edge with the latest single, “The Hurt.”

Abandon The Fall
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