Acid Folk and Psychedelic New Age Infused with Jazz Inflections: Tokyo-Based Multi-Genre Artist Arthur Fowler Stuns with New Album

Acid Folk and Psychedelic New Age Infused with Jazz Inflections: Tokyo-Based Multi-Genre Artist Arthur Fowler Stuns with New Album

A talented guitarist, song writer, and vocalist, Arthur Fowler is driven to soar to new heights, as he unveils a vibrant and magnetic new international collaboration, showcasing brilliance across diverse genres.

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan- September 1st, 2021- Stunning listeners with a rich and dynamic mix of jazz fusion, Rock, Alternative, and Acid Folk, eclectic artist Arthur Fowler is driven to amaze. With the release of a stirring new EP, titled “Towns Mountains”, the seasoned artist presents an electric mix of instrumentals and vocal prowess, captivating listeners with his distinct melodic vibe.

The new EP follows up on the artist’s stellar EP “Here I Am Again” and LP “What’s Keeping Me Going”, which also explored a unique and flavorful mix of tunes and melodies, interspersed with Latin rhythms. Arthur Fowler’s dynamic guitars and sensory vocals are complemented by Chiharu Okamoto on vocals, Kiyo Tahara on the electric bass, Momo Tahara playing keyboards, Kikuko Yasui on percussion, arrangement and performance, and Marc Wilson playing drums and percussion.

The talented guitarist is also joined by Kikuko Yasui who captivates listeners with her story-telling percussion arrangements on all three of the artist’s albums, and seasoned guitar and effects maestro Kei Takasugi also makes his third appearance on the new EP.

An exciting international collaboration, Arthur Fowler’s latest album also features world-travelling veteran blues drummer Marc Wilson, who makes his second appearance on Fowler’s albums, with groovy genre-appropriate drums.
“This album is the product of almost four years of performance and composition collaboration Wanting to make a more Japanese album, I had my lyrics to The Moon translated and we brought on veteran pro vocalist Chiharu Okamoto to perform those songs,” says Arthur Fowler regarding his latest release.

Having released memorable and riveting albums and EPs, Arthur is currently available for bookings in the greater Tokyo area (and beyond) as a solo performer, session artist, or band member.

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An eclectic vocalist, guitarist, and artist, Arthur Fowler first discovered his groove as a teenaged Jimi Hendrix emulator on the East Side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and matriculated to the blues jam scene in the early 1980s. Arthur Fowler played original music with jazz diva Kelley Johnson, a fellow student at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and studied with virtuoso guitarist, innovator, and educator, Jack Grassel.

In college town cover bands and jazz jams, while studying literature and languages, Arthur collaborated with the band leader Mark Schlaefer. He also joined acclaimed vocalist Eva Denia’s first jazz ensemble, as she launched her career in Valencia, Spain. Arthur also studied with one of Spain’s top jazz guitarists, Joan Soler. Currently, the dynamic artist is playing Jazz, Blues, and Pop in Tokyo (Shinjuku) in various settings. Having original material for at least one more album, he hopes to make a guitar duo album with wizard Kei Takasugi soon, exploring yet another vibrant tangent of his musical career

Name: Arthur Fowler
Email Address: [email protected]