Adamus Turner Gives It His All

Adamus Turner ReviewYou can hear how much heart Adamus Turner puts into every word he sings, and string he plucks. “Destiny” really relies on the chorus to make this one stand strong, while “What You Mean” is on point from the start. It has a wonderful musical intro that’s met with a compelling vocal performance from Turner. I think the stubborn folks of the world will flock to the aptly titled “My Mind Will Never Change.” Although the way he sings it sounds less stubborn than those who’d listen. “Better Ways” is an uplifting song that acts like a personal crutch to those who might be struggling with something in their lives. Then you have “From Her Love.” This one has a very serious overtone and that continues on throughout the whole track. It’s haunting in a way. If you’re into singer songwriters who craft music from heavy life experiences, check out Adamus Turner. (