Tim Medrek/Timsrock Rocks Out on Guitar

Timsrock ReviewTim Medrek/Timsrock creates an array of sounds with his guitar in hand. “RunDixie” starts light and you think it’s just your typical electronic song and then the rock comes in and surprises. With “Eye Opener” you get this eccentric rock song that’s just an oddball you can’t help but listen to the whole way through. It’s as spooky as its title, that “Boneyard Grim.” Sounding like something straight out of a horror film, the beat after about a minute really shakes it up and breaks the tension. The coolest from Tim Medrek/Timsrock has to be “Dads Shuffle 26.2.” You don’t really know what’s going to happen when you hit play and then when you do you’re met with sick licks and a good time. If you’re into the wonders of what a guitar and some beats can do, check out Tim Medrek/Timsrock now. (https://timmedrek.wix.com/timsrock)