Cooley Haze: Cooley Haze

Cooley Haze ReviewCooley Haze captures so many elements on “Cooley Haze,” it’s a wonder it can be contained. “Evolution” sounds like a trippy night out in a cosmopolitan area. You get a lot of different genres with Cooley Haze, and with “The Risk” you have a very cool hip hop track, while “Sir Ebbs and Her Flows” serves up that classic Neo-Soul that artists like Jill Scott made part of the mainstream. That’s also what you’ll hear with the “Interlude Cafe,” only that soul has a much more classic feel to it. Cooley Haze even shakes it up by adding a pinch of spice to the mix with “Estados Unidos.” The record is then capped off nicely with the soothing, but cool ways of “Orange Tonic.” If you’re a fan of genre mixing and want something that speaks to the cool urban music fanatic in you, check out Cooley Haze’s self-titled record, out now. (