Luke Jacob: Comforts

Luke Jacob ReviewIf you just looked at Luke Jacob, you’d be floored by the voice that came booming out of him on his record “Comforts.” I expected something light like a little Gavin Degraw but as soon as that boom came from “It Hurts” it was clear that’s not was going to be the case. The baritone is unexpected but once you get used to it, you fall into the groove and move on. That deep voice lightens just a little with “Alone With Edgar,” although the feel remains the same. Everything is always very bluesy and has a bit of an edge to it. “I’m Burning” does nothing but remind me of the bad guy from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.” Its got this sinister, yet endearing feel to it that captivates. If you’re in the mood for a striking good time and love you some blues with pinch of rock, check out Luke Jacob’s “Comfort” now. (