Alessandro Coli – I Betcha’

Alessandro Coli – I Betcha’ 


There’s a sly, smirking quality to “kiss off” songs that helps them abide far longer than their love song counterparts. Nothing inspires a songwriter’s creative ire much more than being jettisoned in favor of another and there’s genuine artistry in those songs able to convey that ire without oozing bitterness and resentment. Italian born Alessandro Coli knows this well. His latest single “I Betcha” is full of personality, stylish drama, and physical musicality that seduce the listeners with insistent tempos rather than sonically outmuscling its audience. Coli’s journey into the American music scene began with his first US release earlier this year, “Flames”, which achieved significant chart success, and this new single should set him poised to assume even greater exposure in the world’s largest music market. His skills are growing exponentially with each new outing. 

“I Betcha” starts with a brief and lean keyboard pulse and cymbal splash. The musical arrangement, naturally, is pure electronica, but it’s light on its feet and provokes a physical response artfully rather than through some sledgehammer method with a dense and overpowering electronic backing. There are essentially three instruments at work in this song – synthesizer/keyboards, bass, and percussion. It is produced with an eye towards musicality – the track has an ideal length and its small assortment of elements is layered together in a balanced way. It largely confines itself to one line of attack until the bridge where the composition takes on a more expansive air.  

The vocals and lyrical content are truly exceptional and not just for the genre of music. Alessandro Coli shows finesse far beyond his nineteen years with his evocative, yet deceptively laidback, style of delivery. His phrasing is on target and carefully enunciates each word proving that English, obviously not his first language, is still something he doesn’t struggle with in any noticeable way. He uses his voice every bit like the instrument it is, especially during key passages of the track when he provides the song with a bit of added push by subtly ramping up the tempo of his vocal delivery. Otherwise, he makes a big impression by wielding the song’s spurned and scornful lyrics in highly artful way. Much comes out with a low-key, matter of fact tone with a light smirk lurking just behind the musical curtain. This is even reflected in the lightly sarcastic bent of the song’s title.  

The lyrical content is another surprise. Rather than simply rely on a series of predictable turns in his language to communicate his displeasure, there’s a fluent directness to his words that reveals the entirety of his experience without ever boring or bludgeoning the listener with its reality. Alessandro Coli’s “I Betcha” hits all of its benchmarks to make it a top shelf dance club track, but there’s much more going on here beyond just shaking it up on the dance floor. Coli’s song is certain to please anyone who wants to dance, but it also seeks to express itself in a manner not often heard on such songs.  


Lance Wright