Alex Ashline announces the Launch of AshlineMusic with the releases of his five brand new singles!

Conyers, GA, Rockdale county — Monday, May 11th, 2020 — Alex Ashline is better known as a Powerhouse, ambitious, and a man gifted with many talents, has found his mark in the music industry! Not only has Ashline prove to be a top artist with five of the original songs he released, but a business guru. Ashline said he was tired of being just the man in the studio and being told how to chase his dreams. “It was time for a change,” Ashline said. Ashline quit him over the road trucking job to come home and do one thing and that was to chase his dream. Ashline is now the founder of AshlineMusicLLC and made a promise, not to a few, but the world that he will deliver the best AshlineMusic.

Alex Ashline created AshlineMusic not just for his music alone, but for the world to be apart of something much bigger than Ashline. Ashline said his drive came from knowing his music would someday make a difference and impact many lives. Ashline has been known to be engaged with his fans and to inspire many with the purest of his intentions. Ashline said he will be releasing new music all year long with the launch of AshlineMusic.

Hard Work, Motivation, Discipline, and desires are Values Ashline truly lives by! Ashline has lived by two of his many quotes his whole life through music, sports,  and everyday life. “It’s not about having time, It’s about making time”, and “Winners will make habit of what losers don’t like to do”.

Ashline stated, “I can’t express to you how many times people told me they knew these producers and they have connections with so and so; again I felt that was not necessary. Let me remind you I held on to this dream, meaning I practiced and I studied the work of performing Arts for nearly my whole life and I’ve always been the one to do my research and get things done.”

Alex Ashline Seems to have a solid game plan with his vision in music. With the launch of AshlineMusic, Ashline promises to deliver the best of AshlineMusic to the world in confidence that the world will take part in AshlineMusic!

For more information on Alex Ashline and to get a taste of what AshlineMusic is all about, go to to find brand new music and more!





Alex Ashline is a dedicated hard-working artist who balances his talents such as Music, fighting, and works as an over the road truck driver! One of Ashline’s goals is to inspire & motivate as many people through his music and fitness as he walks his life journey. Hard work, motivation, discipline, and desire are values that he truly lives by. An upcoming rising star is a vision he has planned and will be releasing music all year and also launching AshlineMusic.




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