Alluring and Experimental New Rhythms to Alternative: Screaming Bones Release an Electrifying New Album

‘It’ll All Come in Time’ is the newest addition to the hypnotic and psychedelic music produced by the esteemed band, promising a wonderful experience

Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany — March 27th, 2022- Screaming Bones has recently released an electrifying consortium of music in their newest album titled ‘It’ll All Come In Time’. This is the eclectic group’s newest release after their previous album ‘With Yourself’ which received 11,000 views on the Stoned Meadow of Doom channel on YouTube within two weeks and currently has 68,000 views.

The hypnotic and psychedelic music of Screaming Bones is a one-man project of Mike Ludwig, who records all the sounds in his bedroom studio on a four-track recorder and looper. This album has been developing since the end of last year. All the sounds are created by Ludwig while the final finishing has been done by Patrick Burkholder of Zenmix Recordings.

This artist believes in the healing powers of music for himself and for others. The latest album helped the musician battle his depression and burnout. It was painful to make at times when depression killed all creativity, but in the end, the music always won. Screaming Bones is a sonic journey into the headspace of the listeners.

“It’ll All Come In Time” is Mike Ludwig’s passion project since it grows from a place of both professional love for musical masterpieces as well as a place of deeply troubling times. As Ludwig says himself “Making music is like painting, you generate a musical canvas, on which you paint your emotions, one after another. Finding your own sound is a journey that never ends. Try to explore, experiment, don’t get restrained by too much theory.”

The artist’s music is available on both YouTube and Spotify. Make sure to stream this music at on For interview, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email [email protected]. You can stream this music on any of the major music platforms to lose yourself in tunes that simply go to the heart!




A dynamic one-man project of Mike Ludwig, Screaming Bones has an interesting approach to the production of music. The artist does not ever have a concept or a clear route to follow. There are always some loose theoretical constructs swirling around that are later broken down. The musician tries not to overthink the process and simply lets the music flow and speak for itself.

Mike’s musical background ranges from the classic and psychedelic rock of the sixties and seventies and takes a couple good shots at punk and wave. Since a few years, he rides the psychedelic wave and started making music himself end of 2019. The production of the artist’s new album was a deeply personal experience. When Ludwig hit the ‘stop recording’ button he just sat down and cried. The production of this music was all leading up to this point: all the darkness in the world including the singer’s own personal issues during the last year, the persistent dark thoughts were all getting better now with the finishing of this project.

There was simply gratefulness in the end for family, friends, and community. More so, there was appreciation for all those that made the Screaming Bones’ project possible which include The Night Tripper, the artist’s tutor Billy Tsounis, the sound wizard Patrick Burkholder, and the owner of the Stoned Meadow YouTube channel Clint Beed who spread the Screaming Bones sound around the world.


Screaming Bones
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