Allyson Murrell Inspired Pop

Allyson Murrell  ReviewAllyson Murrell spends a lot of her time making her own songs but also redoing some great chart toppers as well. Let’s look at the originals first. “Regrets” showcases off Allyson’s voice well and the words are as beautiful as the vocal performance. With “A Drink or Two” she really steps it up with her playing skills and shows off those keys. Her other original being “In the End” is a slow song that like “Regrets” really showcases her natural gifts. Now onto the covers…Who hasn’t touched A Great Big World’s “Say Something” over the past year? It’s one of the simplest, yet passionate performances in pop music in awhile and Allyson Murrell really captures that alongside Anthony Moncata. She dabbled in another singer songwriter’s waters by executing a well done Regina Spektor cover of “Samson” on her keys. Then there’s her rendition of Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper,” which is powerful no matter who touches it. If you’re into female singer songwriters who can belt it out, check out Allyson Murrell now. (