Jaqal’s Dark Side

Jaqal ReviewJaqal is an instrumentalist who makes music that seems to be based on the darker side of things. “Flatbed” has this almost spooky vibe going on, like a tribal scary. You think someone’s going to be creeping behind a push ready to pounce. With “Popped” you get a more abrupt beat to move to. Again, very tribal in its ways. We step away from that tribal thing when we get to “Mental Domestics.” It’s a little weird…so I guess that it goes well with the spook of “Flatbed” in that sense. Continuing on with that scary vibe let me introduce you to “Dark Gender.” It’s clear that Jaqal likes to create obscure landscapes with his music and that’s cool if you’re into the darker side of sound. So if you are, check out what Jaqal has going on. (https://www.youtube.com/user/MrJrelic/videos)