Andrea Nardello – Echo

Andrea Nardello – Echo


Acclaimed singer-songwriter Andrea Nardello was sidelined by writer’s block for two years before a simple love song she wrote for her girlfriend heralded a new era of emboldened self-identity and reinvigorated creativity.

This surge of positivity and assuredness is reflected in the songs on her stately seven-song EP “Echo.

“There is so much change captured in this EP,” the Philly-based singer-songwriter says with palpable excitement. “I’ve found my true voice as a singer-songwriter – there is an old school soulfulness there – and there is just more honesty all around. I’m embracing everything about myself, from my personal life to my creative drives.”

The set begins with the lighthearted and playful Beautiful Girls telling of some of their frustrations that come with simply being pretty. Track 2, One Good Reason Why is even mellower but it contains a great build up at the end that set it apart from the opener, although they both keep the same pace. These are fine songs but it really licks up on I Am The Water and shows another side of her voice and proves she’s a quality singer-songwriter. This is a well put together piece of soulful work with “hit” written all over it, a track to likely attract the masses. The EP peaks right here but still has more to offer as it once again shifts gears on Back To Where We Started, with another sweet ballad. This is another great number that stands up to anything on the disc. And then the pace picks up on Why Can’t You Be Happy, with a bouncier pace that keeps it altogether. There really isn’t a bad track to be found on “Echo,” as the rest continue to fully entertain, especially on the closing track Give Me It All. If I were to choose between the latter and I Am The Water it would have to be a tie somewhere in the consistency of it all. Either way all of these songs have something to offer lovers of both folk and pop. The CD clocks in pretty short as an EP release but it is great while it lasts, and definitely helps Andrea Nardello make another notch on her way up the singer-songwriter ladder. I like EP’s as long as they’re full of equally great tracks, and this accomplishes that and more, so it has my attention and so does the artist because of it.


SP Clarke

Score: 8/10