Get Into Key with Gregory Hall

Gregory Hall ReviewThe music that came first was void of lyrics, and that’s the beauty that still remains for some. Gregory Hall is an artist who doesn’t bother with words and lets his keys do all the talking. “20/20” is an instrumental piece performed on piano. It has a very light feel and will remind listeners of an elegant, metropolitan night out that could be paired with fine dining. With “Love Star” you have the tinkling of the ivory again, but with a sense of romance. We hear something a little different as we step into “No Bottoms.” Here we still have that night out vibe, but on a new level that introduces us to the dance floor. Last up, “Step on the Groove” and this one too has a more danceable factor to it as well. You won’t be twerking, but your feet will be working to this one. If you like music that depends solely on the beat and music sheet, check out Gregory Hall now. (