Jack Of All Trades AKA Kyle Douglas

Kyle Douglas ReviewKentucky’s Kyle Douglas intertwines a singer-songwriter vibe that has a rock soul with a Country boy heart. You can hear a bit of grit as he delivers a powerful acoustic performance of “Hold On Me.” In what is possibly the coolest thing you’ll hear in a while is his cover of the hip hop classic “No Diggity” made famous in the ‘90s by Blackstreet. It’s not every day you hear Country take on rhymes like this. He totally transforms it and it’d be something interesting that would kill on shows like “The Voice.” It’s familiar but totally flipped on its side. Lastly we get a true blue Country gem with “Go.” It has that storyteller feel and also doesn’t give you anything but that Country boy mentality. So when it comes to Kyle Douglas you have a rocker who can bust out a rhyme when the time’s right, but can stay true to his roots and sound like a Nashville star. He’s a jack of all trades that goes by the name of Kyle Douglas. Check out this guy ASAP, that’s an order. (https://kyledouglasmusic.com/)

One thought on “Jack Of All Trades AKA Kyle Douglas

  • Sherry Greene

    Love love love his music. Every song on his CD is written by him and is AWESOME!! You were 100% right with your take on “No Diggity” … He made it a song I would buy again, even tho I wore out my Blackstreet CD many yrs ago. Would love to see much more from this rising star!!!

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