The Mailman’s Children

Can-American Indie rock band, “The Mailman’s Children” (TMC) is stationed out of both Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, and Helena, MT, USA. Front man Eric Labossiere resides in Helena, MT, USA, while the rest of the band lives in Winnipeg. Labossiere, the lead singer and acoustic guitarist was born Canadian but has lived on the US side for the last several years.


Following a short hiatus, they returned stronger than ever with their 3rd studio album “Supply & Demand” in 2013.  Their 4th studio release – an EP called “The Spiders We Eat” was recorded in May of 2014 and is slated for a 2015 release.

The EP starts with a great track called Ride In Your Mind, and what a great number it is, but it’s only part one of two tracks by the same title. Things really get a lot more underway on Private Room and take off nicely from there. What a fine number this really is, topping most to be found on offer here, but not putting the rest to shame by any means. It’s just one of the better tracks on “The Spiders We Eat.” Then we have the likes of Humility and Off To Work, the former of the two being the better track, rivaling that of the aforementioned “Private Room,” but not quite surpassing it on every level, and that’s why it’s the EP’s best track for my taste. It is one awesome track the rest fall a note or two short of. This title by TMC deserves seeking out for that much alone.  Song was inspired by the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting, which James Holmes is pleading insanity for and on trial right now. The disc closes with the lovely acoustic version of Ride In Your Mind, and is a well contrasting part two of the opening song, wrapping things up with a stripped back take on the original cut. This adds just the right touch for what is actually a great EP, and leaves not enough songs being the one thing in need of change, if any on this release.

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Scott Prinzing

Score: 8/10