Sam Bibo’s Musical Array

Sam Bibo ReviewSam Bibo can express anything though song and does with his array of beats, tracks and ditties. Along with Bhavana Reddy, Sam brings “The End” but it’s really just the beginning of what we’ll find out he’s capable of. This is a song that’s done in a very theatrical way. It’s big due to the drama in the music and the darkness of the delivery of the lyrics. Then you get something completely different with “Surf.” Living in North Hollywood, California, it’s no surprise that Sam was able to capture the surf culture in song and it truly sounds like those old school beach movies. With “PipPop” you get a youth sounding track that almost sounds like a very cute video game. That aspect plays through to “Spacey Chill Wave” as well; only this game would be better, space involved. There’s a lot going on with Sam Bibo that can’t be contained in such little time. So if you into artists that can create a buffet of sound and styles, check out Sam Bibo now. (