“Aloha Salsa” by Vox

The UK born, Vox, is a Singer/Musician/Dancer, who found inspiration while racking up his travel miles. After a recent trip to Hawaii, he would film the video for his single, “Aloha Salsa.” Vox is infatuated with the art of dancing, especially Rumba, which he has pointed out is the root of Salsa. He’s merged his talent for singing and playing, along with the cultural aesthetic of Island life. His latest single is a reflection of and inspired by his connection with the spirit of America’s most exotic state.

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Starting his career in London, Vox would sing for a band called Leash. He seemed to be on the search for something that had deeper meaning to him, and left England in 2004. Since then, he has simultaneously been on a journey of self-discovery, as well as introducing others to that which ignites his soul. With a warm and welcoming smile, Vox is the type who lights up a room with his infectious energy. His positivity and love of a good time, leap through the speakers at you.

Vox uses a unique falsetto on “Aloha Salsa,” that settles in nicely as the song progresses. The scenic soundscapes are somewhat invigorating and transport you to the ideal setting that Vox describes. As intended, the song will make you want to move, as Vox muses on like a gregarious tour guide. The music is culturally authentic, without coming off as cliché. The track moves along at an optimistic pace, combined with a traditional Salsa/Rumba tempo.

The music video for “Aloha Salsa” is arguably the best and most comprehensible way to experience it. An ambitious shoot, that features several scenery changes, it often circles back to a select few shots. Firstly, the video reminds you just how scenic and calming the island of Hawaii can be. It’s easy to see how time stops as soon as you enter the tropical domain, and it appears that feeling has entirely consumed Vox. Have you ever experienced nostalgia for somewhere you’ve never been or something you’ve never actually done? That’s one way to describe the vibe you’ll get from watching the video.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/victor-steele/aloha-salsa-prototype

As a track, “Aloha Salsa,” aims for mood over musicality, but you’ll be surprised by just how dynamic it is. Truth be told, the track goes a bit long, but Vox manages to keep things interesting with unique vocal inflections throughout. His inspiration is the cornerstone of “Aloha Salsa,” and the wanderlust he is overtaken by is more charming than not. This is the type of work that exists to remind us of the beauty that still exists in our world. Hopefully, the takeaway will be just how crucial it is that this geographical beauty, must be preserved and maintained.

You could call “Aloha Salsa,” a dance track and you would be right. However, it’s what this work does for the soul that is every bit as important as what it does for the feet. The smile on Vox’s face throughout the video for the single, is as organic and sincere as a child’s laughter. He’s found the light in a world that on the surface seems to be more and more populated by black holes. So if you’re looking to put the pep back in your step, one listen to “Aloha Salsa,” is sure to make you groove.

Cyrus Rhodes