Amen Alibi Does Music For a Good Cause

amen-alibi-reviewAmen Alibi puts together music for a great reason and it’s good too. “Blame It On The Moon” is an endearing song that has you thinking about life and lessons. The celestial ways have that effect. “Go Some More” is a more upbeat song that sounds like the ’70s only because it could’ve been played somewhere in shows like Taxi. “Break Down and Cry” is good advice to anyone feeling overwhelmed who just need to let it all out. It’s also a good song, may be the best Amen Alibi has to offer. It’s fun, fast and for anyone looking to liven things up. “Free The Kids” isn’t so much about the music, but about the cause. Don’t forget that half of all Amen Alibi sales go to the “Amen Alibi Free the Kids Foundation.” If that’s not reason enough, than what is? Oh yeah, the light alternative ways of Amen Alibi. (