The Nathaniel Hardy Project: Nothing Last Forever!

the-nathaniel-hardy-project-reviewThe Nathaniel Hardy Project’s “Nothing Last Forever!” is an EP chalked full of four songs that’ll leave you thinking and rapping just a little. “Nothing Last Forever!” is a reminder to cherish what you have now because the latter is a reality. The song itself has a feeling that’s not a downer, but it’s not exactly an upper either. It sits in the middle of things. “I Love You More!” has a good back beat to it that causes it to be this well done love song. “Can’t You See the Future?” asks with a more hip hop flow to the delivery. While the other songs were primarily sung, this one does it a little different by adding rhymes to the mix. “Shut the Hell Up! (The Snitch Version)” for some reason reminded me of the ’80s. It was like a niche of a theatrical dance number. If you like music that’s all about upbeat R&B with a pinch of hip hop, check out The Nathaniel Hardy Project’s “Nothing Lasts Forever!” (