American Greed Release “Together”

American Greed have released the beguiling hit “Together”. This independent release, a song that doesn’t back down from emotion and equally delivers a rocking, heart pounding drum kick, glues it all into one. American Greed have forged their path in the modern music scene with a song that has a few head nods to past classic rockers, but still maintains all eyes ahead into the growing alternative rock sound. “Together” spins a wide web of emotional baggage that in the end, turns out to be quite liberating.


The idea of uniting and being in the same spot, both physically and emotionally, sends shockwaves through this rock ballad. Lyrically, the song doesn’t take much to glean a clear picture. Written by drummer Michael Mesey, “Together” surprisingly isn’t covered in a heavy handed helping of percussion. The breadth of this song falls into the hands of the entire band (not ironic at all considering the song’s title) and the united front this band puts forth is quite inspiring. When lead singer, the fantastic Dave Farver, sings the lyrics about wanting to be there and feels admonished for missing out, one can determine that this musician’s life of being on the road takes its toll. The rhythm section, comprised of Mesey and bassist Bob Guion, does an amazing job of capturing a modest groove. It’s not braggadocios. I don’t think the song calls for it, and this song’s protagonist just feels so much love and honesty in sharing the relationship pitfalls have worn him down just the same. There’s an outpouring of love in Farver’s voice when he sings Mesey’s words. Joining the group is lead guitarist, Matt Arana. Arana’s guitar sings just as emotionally riveting as Farver’s voice. The harmony of the guitar, at first honey dipped, with shades of cobalt metal and bluesy fervor, electrifies the overall sound. Wrapping up the song is a chilling reminder of the love that surrounds us – American Greed captures the joy with a moving cascading piano bed.  

This song juggles the mind. Imagine a time in your own life when you wanted to be there for someone, and could only be with them in spirit. I’m not sure if the intent was to express this love for someone that had passed on in Mesey’s life, but it occurred to me while listening to “Together” that there is a burden of regret when someone close to you dies and you are left with decisions that you frankly didn’t want to make solo. Or when something amazingly good happens in your life, this person isn’t there physically to experience the joy with you. They are there to celebrate your success or you aren’t there to cheer them on. “Together” took me to these thoughts.

Fans of modern rock might be a little gun shy with “Together” but they shouldn’t be. It might not have the amplified, ballsy guitar riffs and percussion of other rock tracks, but it cuts deep. I think fans of Daughtry, Train and Nickelback should delve into American Greed and “Together”.

Zachary Rush

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