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“American Made” CD released to Support the Troops

Stone Soup – Music for the Greater Good


New Hope, PA – June 25, 2014 “American Made”  is the maiden release for Stone Soup Records, the new label that produces entertainment CDs, events and products to support non-profit organizations. “American Made” supports these groups and more: AMERICAN LEGION , PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA, THE IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN VETERANS OF AMERICA, THE PURPLE HEART  FOUNDATION, THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT, VETERANS MULTI SERVICE CENTER and VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA.


Writer, producer, recording artist Lon Van Eaton was produced by George Harrison and was inspired by George’ “Concert for Bangladesh.” Lon recalls: “Being signed to the Beatles’ Apple label was an unbelievable experience. I was inspired to follow in George’s footsteps and now we are launching Stone Soup Records for many causes. Please send in your great songs!”


“American Made”, an eclectic “Soup”, features 18 original tracks. The title cut is from firefighter Tim McGeary The CD is a journey through time, the horrors of war, the survivors and their loved ones. New York City Diva Ann Hampton Callaway serves up the patriotic, “I Believe in America.” The broth is flavored with local artist, R J Rotondo who dips in “Home of the Brave,” “These Colors are Mine,” Bill Rice tosses in “I Dare You”, “Dustoff” and “Patiently Wait,” with a dash of Sheila Hershey’s cello, while Grammy nominated Bruce Foster’s poignant “December Prayer” stirs your heartstrings.


We all know the Stone Soup Fable – sharing so all will benefit. Mark Conklin’s “All the Boots I’ve Worn” and “September 12th” will leave you feeling blessed to be living in this country. Denise Cantrell’s “American Soldier Girl” honors the life of Emily J.T. Perez, the first female graduate of West Point. The“Soup” simmers hot with Cory “City” Fandel’sIn My Life” featuring Faith Hahn and produced by Robert Sands . Elsa Riveros’Yo Vengo a Ofrecer Mi Corazon” is a loving tribute in Spanish.


The recipe is garnished with “My Brothers and Me” by Chris Winward, the bubbling “You’re Not Coming Back” by Jeff Hogan and “Troubles in the Wind” by the late great Danny DeGennero Lon’s brother Derrek Van Eaton and Lonnie Toth dish out John Bray’s tasty “Love Sweet Song.” The finishing touch is a dollop by Jody Giambelluca, Courtney Colletti, Duke Williams, TJ Tindall, Constance Blaine-Van Eaton and Earl Scooter in the bowl of Marianne Speiser’s “Friend.”


“American Made” is available at and sells for $19.99 with $10.00 going directly to the organizations that do the work in support of our troops and veterans.


Order now and proudly wear the label “SOUPER!”




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