New Duo Band Artist Release Country Pop Single

Powerful country pop by this new duo band artist is bound to move all

New York, NY and Lima, Peru – March 8th 2021 – JANA & JORGE have managed to prove with their music that distance is just a number. With the assistance of modern day recording studio equipment, songwriter Izquierdo and singer Jana have formed an alliance that many would not have expected to be as successful as it has turned out to be. Together, the duo has managed to seamlessly produce a new single which was released earlier this month.

Released on March 5th, Jana and Izquierdo’s “You Make Me a Mess” is a blend of country rock and pop with some very smooth chords. Jana’s evocative vocals paired with Izquierdo’s poignant songwriting make for a powerful combination. Listeners can find the new single on the JANA & JORGE website amongst other platforms, the links for which are given under Links section. Those looking for an immersive experience can also view the music video of “You Make Me a Mess” here. Be prepared to shed a few tears – you have been warned!

Not a musician by profession, Izquierdo produces music in his leisure time. However, he is gifted as a music psychic and has a long history of making music. The songwriter’s investment of his free time into producing music is also testament to his passion to give back to the world through heartfelt songs. Jana, on the other hand, is an accomplished musician and writer who has had her songs placed on popular TV shows like “Empire” and “Dance Moms”.

The two artists work in harmony despite the physical distance. While Izquierdo writes and produces for JANA & JORGE, Jana uses her experience to refine the songs so that she can deliver an authentic and emotional vocal performance. Izquierdo and Jana share the vision of making people’s lives better with music. They believe if they have been gifted with an ability, it is their duty to use it in the best way possible – and what could be better than touching lives. To have the most impact, their ultimate goal is to spread their music far and wide.

The duo is open to invitation for interviews, collaborations, TV/Film placements, show appearances, and etc., in order to increase the reach of their beautiful musical compositions.

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The two artists have been making waves since 2019, when Izquierdo, a songwriter, stumbled across Jana’s music on the internet. In search for a vocalist who could bring his heartfelt songs to life, Izquierdo felt Jana’s emotive voice and expansive catalog of music was an ideal fit. The pair connected instantly and despite the thousands of miles between Jana’s home in New York City, and Izquierdo’s home in Peru, they have managed to collaborate seamlessly.




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