Captivating Audiences with Electric Rock and Metal Compositions: Up-and-coming Sensation Velvet Razor Unveil New Single

Crafting rousing musical compositions, eclectic group Velvet Razor are setting their eyes on the prize as they release a refreshing and stirring new single “Thunder Child”, winning hearts of Rock fans everywhere.

Surrey, United Kingdom – April 10th, 2021 –  An up-and-coming sensation Velvet Razor are no strangers when it comes to creating the most immersive and electrifying music in the Rock genre. With powerful vocals, dynamic use of instrumentals and charged drumming, the growing band is known for amazing audiences with their unmatched brilliance.

Charged and psyched to make a lasting impression once again, Velvet Razor have continued their inspirational musical journey with the release of a refreshing new single aptly titled “Thunder Child”.

Accompanied with a memorable and exciting video, the new single is an inspiration drawn from a vivid childhood dream, which blends a hard-hitting Rock soundtrack with inspiring messages and undertones. Narrating the story of a tribal warrior who faces the brunt of the journey, weather and the Gods, the music video and single are a vivid and dynamic blend, which sets Velvet Razor’s unique musical spirit apart.

“Thunder Child” is an empowering and formidable blend of Indie Rock, interspersed with Punk flavors, ultimately delivering a power-punch of soulful lyricism and electric vocals.

Aiming to inspire audiences with their inimitable blends of American and British Rock, Velvet Razor wishes to break into the genre, establishing a strong fan base and a unique musical identity. The band is known for their exhilarating live performances, The band has performed in small-scale venues across London,  and at large-scale music festivals across the UK.

“Thunder Child” which is from their current album is “Stonehenge welcomes careful drivers” follows the release of Velvet Razor’s 2010 EP ‘Hex’, continuing their tradition of soulful and moving songwriting pitched against thundering guitar use.

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Velvet Razor are a group of talented musicians who got together to seize the genre of Rock in early 2002, breaking into the indie Rock scene with the debut album ‘The Day the Earth Rocked’. Although garnering positive reviews and commendations, the band took a break for a couple of years, dwindling in the clubs of Surrey. However, after necessary changes and regroupings, the rising group marked their comeback in 2010 with the unveiling of their “Hex”.

Steered by the creative skill and drive of leading songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Dave Kent, the band has continued to soar and solidify their position, amazing live audiences all of England. Charged by the addition of a dynamic and talented new drummer, Velvet Razor is now looking forward to making their mark once again, melding captivating Rock compositions.



Name: Dave Kent
Email: [email protected]