Formidable Jazz Lyrics Ignited by Consequential Sound


Jazz Hits Are A Spy Film Journey

Lansing, Michigan – September 4, 2020- Jazz artist Andrew Farmer has released an album that will have listeners taking a thematic journey.

This is a music of seasons past, what’s been gained through loss. It’s sharp and smart and sad. What’s left out of Redacted Passages always remains a mystery, but we’re left to focus on what we find.” — Mike Stratton, Host, Vinyl Side of Midnight

“With his spy-tinted, adventurous, mysterious album, Farmer unfurls a thematic experience in a sure-footed fashion. “Redacted Passages” executes with precise and deadly accuracy.”
– Ricky Olmos, Grand Rapids Local Spins

Redacted Passages’ asylee tracks reach new territories of lyric expression in soul-sonic settings, booked in Andrew Farmer’s independent debut Album of jazz alternative originals, abetted by the genius session transporters of Jazz Special Forces.

This is no mere café for demitasse and talked-over jams, but a subpoena for listeners’ own testaments of shared loves and times covered over by treacheries of experience and their recollection’s cost, served by powerful performances of harmonic yearning which call to justice any latency for groove.

Redacted Passages Album tracks may be streamed for reviews at the Website below, which also provides complete album background. Artist contact information is also provided further below for online and broadcast interviews.


Andrew Farmer
[email protected]