Amilia K. Spicer – Lightning

Amilia K. Spicer – Lightning


Amilia K. Spicer’s incredible ascent to national and global notoriety is fueled by songs the quality of her latest single “Lightning”. This cut from her full length studio album Wow and Flutter is representative of the overall quality defining that release while presenting one side of the many musical faces given a sliver of spotlight on her collection. It really defies categorization, but one must label it, it fits more easily into the wider singer/songwriter genre rather than in a niche style like Americana. Different influences come through in every facet of Spicer’s presentation, but she does what all great performers and artists do – synthesize those influences into their own uniquely combustible formula and filtered through her experiences and sensibility. The result is a profoundly affecting musical work capable of delivering an equal amount of entertainment and connecting with its target audience. “Lightning” is a song any adult listener will relate to in some meaningful way.

It’s that accessibility, beyond the superior vocal talents and musicianship, which listeners will likely remember more than anything else. Any adult engaged with life and the pursuit of love and pleasure will recognize their own story in Spicer’s song and she portrays the emotions driving the song’s subject in an inventive way. Make no mistake – this is not a musical artist attempting to remake the wheel. However, her personal experiences are obviously quite important to her and she has mastered a method through which she can share them with a world in a style that’s all her own. It’s an exceptional gift to possess. We hear it in every vocal line on this song – a full immersion in its experience, laser-focused attention to detail, and a healthy respect for her role collaborating with a group of peerless musicians and working together with them towards achieving a common end.

The musicians are up to the task. The light touch they bring with piano and drums give “Lightning” a carefully maintained balance of the dramatic and lyrical. It’s an excellent platform to give the singer and they eschew any showboating in service of dispatching this song with the artistry and professionalism it deserves. It’s refreshing to hear a songwriter daring enough to ferret out this level of nuance in their composition and make it work for them without ever once veering off track or falling prey to self indulgence. She shows further veteran instincts by shaping the song to a manageable running time and developing all of its musical ideas in a coherent, patient way. Few artists ever come out as complete and ready for the spotlight like Amilia K. Spicer does on her album Wow and Flutter. “Lightning” and other songs on the release provide strong evidence that Spicer ranks among the best talents working on the indie music scene today and will undoubtedly outgrow its narrow borders sooner rather than later.


Shannon Cowden