Lexie Rose – “Wrong”

Lexie Rose – “Wrong”

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Lexie Rose is an Americana pop singer songwriter who, since her debut club performance at age 13, has backed her bold confidence and ambition with a charismatic stage presence and commitment to crafting compelling tunes reflective of her life’s journey at any given time. As the-tracks she recorded at age 14 with Grammy winning producer Sheldon Gomberg (Ben Harper, Rickie Lee Jones, Ryan Adams) continue generating buzz on her Soundcloud page, Lexie’s latest songs produced by Max Allyn of The Outpost studios in Los Angeles, are deeper, darker, more mysterious pieces. The first single “Wrong” from her new EP, contains that “deeper” sound without a doubt, taking it to the next level.

As an American-pop songwriter, Lexie Rose is on her way to the big time if she stays the course as she goes above and beyond her work with Sheldon Gomberg, to all partaking ears. The soft melancholy sound of her voice is the first thing that grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go. No music needed when that happens, and the quality can ride on the vocals alone. And that is a testament to her voice, but it doesn’t come without a first rate backing track to help feature such a great voice. Even if it does cruise at a slower-pace, the sonic quality is consistent throughout, allowing her to sparkle. You want her to win the struggle she’s singing about, and you feel for her situation. This is a soulful track with meaningful lyrics, but not so mystifying that it flirts with the overall appealing nature of the song. It could also be from a personal experience that only she knows everything about. But that doesn’t hurt anything either, as it sounds like anyone can find a meaning, and that is the hallmark of any good hit. Which this this has all the potential to be charting with.

It shows how much is missing from younger female pop artists, as it skips the 90s and harks back to the mid-80s. It could be a natural root, but this might be blended with millennial styles as well. It’s not an easy call but she does ease up the ability to be described in a sea of what is getting referred to more and more as fake modern music scene with chart placements that don’t appear to even earn their spots. It looks like she’s not taking the easy road up with some of them. It looks to be more of the opposite, like she could soon enough be leading the show with skills on display that others do not possess. But even I could be “Wrong” about every word of this, however, it is a song anyone can make what they wish out of, even though it is clearly about her own experience. Once again, that’s what makes up most of the best songs we can remember in a lifetime full of them. There’s a memorable quality to “Wrong” that hopefully will resonate in her other songs, including those to come on the EP. I can convey that much without thinking twice about it, and I’m glad I heard it, as it works to draw interest in the EP as well as can be effectively practiced in today’s pop music landscape, which can use more Lexie Rose’s.

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