An Anthem That Calls For Unity and Peace For All: Rollicking Raoul Wins Global Music Award and One Earth Award

“Y Like Dis? Y Like Dat?”  has won best Audience Impact Song and Best Song Writer in the Global Music Awards (Gold Category Festival on as well as winning Best Pop Song category at the One Earth Festival.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India — July 8th, 2022- Rollicking Raoul is an eccentric and eclectic artist who envisions art as the core mover of change. This song was recorded a few days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which seriously signaled the onset of a new war. Raoul, feeling strongly that the human race had suffered enough because of the long-drawn Pandemic, wrote this single to help highlight the detriments of such an engagement.

Rollicking Raoul says that if the question is “Y Like Dis? Y Like Dat?” then the answer is “Yeh Yeh Yeh” which indicates the will to change. It is the sheer power of this mundane question that helps one truly ponder on the end goals and benefits of the war; whether the goals are achieved and whether there are benefits to begin with.

“Y Like Dis? Y Like Dat?” is a beautiful mix of both the universal pro-peace message as well as the specific influence of the belief in Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge. It was the Saraswati Mantra that was used by the Beatles which helped them produce their variety of songs while the chant “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” was also in John’s peace anthem; divine intervention by mere coincidence not design. Apart from divine influence this song is also largely inspired by John Lennon n Yoko’s “Give Peace A Chance”.

The rising star has played all instruments himself except the saxophone and beatbox to produce this soulful musical and lyrical masterpiece in a way in which peace is cemented as the order of the day. Raoul was quick to rush to the Russian Embassy to sing this song outside the building on the day the invasion was announced; a simple yet powerful way of connecting with the most vulnerable and showing solidarity.

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Rollicking Raoul, a resident of Mumbai, has been an avid anti-war supporter. The inspiring artist has been singing “Y like Dis? Y like Dat?” for nearly seven years in his live performances as a traveling musician. This song has been loved by global travelers in Goa, Gokarna, and Rishikesh among other places. The single was performed at the International French Music Festival in Gokarna, Karnataka too with a film produced with Raoul as an anchor named “Agitating Gokarna”.

This song which began as a single about people fighting over petty issues became a macro musical piece that spoke to many. In addition to working on this song, Raoul also does solo unplugged live gigs such as playing the Guitar, Harmonica, Ghungroos, and Vocals using his inspiration from the Beatles as a core motivator in his musical journey. Armed with the message of this peace, Raoul is bringing a fresh new perspective to the music industry.


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