An Eccentric and Soulful New Flavor of Alternative Rock: Free-Spirited Artist Maham Suhail Unveils New Track

“Exile to Space” Is a New Indie and Alternative Rock Track That Connects Listeners with the Immersive World Around Them

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan — Maham Suhail releases a fresh new single “Exile To Space” that is acutely connected with the release of some of her other singles all of which connect listeners with their roots.  The rising star’s motivation for her album titled ‘Mitti’, is the desire to feel rooted; ‘Mitti’ itself stands for ‘soil’ or ‘earth’

The eclectic artist believes in Wu Wei (Taoist idea of letting the Universe flow at its pace, and harmonizing with the flow), which also correlates with the Sufi & Yogic concepts of surrender and letting go). This belief system is associated with ‘Mitti’ which is a compilation album with 7 tracks with each track having its own character and embodying Ethnic Fusion as the binding element.

“Exile To Space” is the newest single in this consortium of soulful and meditative music. It is connected with the larger concept of the album ‘Mitti’ in a way in which it builds on the feeling of connectedness with inner cores. Suhail’s universal approach to life as well the centrality of her heart in all matters is exhibited through her music and art in refreshing waves of melodies.

This music is specifically unique because of the originality of the compositions in terms of using an array of sonic elements, from acoustic instruments, folk/indigenous sounds, field-recorded and other samples, with vocal styles ranging from singing across three octaves in eight languages, to Beat Poetry. This in of itself explains how the music expresses the essence of being earthy, yet flowy and growing in all directions…from the soil to the stars!

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Maham Suhail is an international award-winning artist of Pakistani origin. She is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and travelling composer/producer. Her wider genre is World Beat: she has recorded songs in 8 languages and composes across genres & styles. Suhail’s single ‘Sajjan Yaar’ was a finalist & Fandemonium (vote-based) winner on the Nashville-based ‘Unsigned Only’ 2019, and an EthnoCloud Top 40 Charts’ topper (2020).

Over the span of the artist’s journey as a performing and recording artist, as a composer and now even more so as a producer and engineer she has drawn inspiration from the existential states that are aroused in various experiences, mostly personal, whether with other humans or with natural elements. The star is also an adventure sports enthusiast, and also a meditator.

The aspiring star recently announced the release of her debut album, ‘Mitti’ (Urdu, for ‘soil’), 3 of whose music videos are released, and the next one is coming out in March 2022. Meanwhile, she continues to release additional works as Composer/Producer.


Maham Suhail
Name: Maham Suhail
Address: 20 Main Wahdat road, Muslim Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +923314791215




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