An Electric Tour de Force of Chill Guitar and Smooth Jazz – David DeBlois Releases New Jazz Record “Rosberry Shuffle”

With instrumentation that draws each listener into its boundless depths, “Roseberry Shuffle” is a record that sets the dynamic artist onto a whole new course

Melbourne, FL — Known as a rising artist who sculpts incredible and thematically moving compositions, David DeBlois is a true genius. The seasoned instrumentalist and composer is now returning with yet another admirable work, titled: ‘Roseberry Shuffle,” – a record that dropped for audiences on October 5th, 2022.

Available on all major music streaming platforms, the 13-track album spectacles the exquisite instrumentation which DeBlois is able to effortlessly create. Displaying cool, chilled-out Jazz blends, “Roseberry Shuffle” is a seminal addition to the artist’s works, and is sure to immerse audiences into a rich, invigorating, and all-embracing instrumental composition.

Masterfully thought out and composed, David DeBlois’ fantastic new record features an enchanting and diverse collection of styles. Tracks such as “Navajo Son” placidly ease the listeners into a simple yet soulful jazz mix. Meanwhile, singles such as “Egyptian Passage” offer an enigmatic, undiscovered, and mellow vibe, akin to moving through a never seen before pathway towards a fascinating discovery. One the other hand, “A Different Kind of Blue” is an evocative blend of tunes, led by a chill guitar in the backdrop, which instrumentally captures the feelings of despondency one often feels.

Overall, “Roseberry Shuffle,” is an album which can be fittingly described as a “tour de force” packed with a distinctively chill guitar, smooth and sensory jazz tunes, and the enriching spin of nylon stringed guitar tunes. All tracks on the new album have been composed, recorded and produced by David DeBlois and feature his independent and one-of-a-kind approach towards the genre.

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A proficient guitarist and skilled composer, David DeBlois has produced five Albums to date. A talented instrumentalist, DeBlois currently resides in Melbourne, Florida after transplanting across state, from Tampa Bay where he was born and raised. The artist’s other releases include “1 For the Road,” “Cool Blue,” which is an acoustic album, as well as the records: “Flowers and Thorns,” “The Contemplative Energies,” and “SOLO.”


David DeBlois
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