An Electrifying Groove Which Radiates Through the Senses- R3load Stuns Audiences with Passion-Fueled Rhythms

‘Dim The Lights’ features a dynamism and groove which is so contagious that it will have any listeners moving along to the Dance and Electronic appeal

Reuver, Limburg, Netherlands — A man with a talent, a musician with a story- Jesse Bisschop, better known by his artistic identity R3load is a musical mastermind. Having swiftly established himself as a fiery Electronic and Dance Music artist who knows what he wants to do, R3load has continued to soar. His enthralling music has continued to engage and enliven audiences, and with his fresh new record, ‘Dim the Lights,’ the artist surpasses all expectations.

Since its release on November 25th, 2022, ‘Dim the Lights’ has continued to captivate and engross listeners with its fascinating appeal. The enriching musical record has amassed countless streams and set the course of this up-and-coming artist.

Singles such as “A Strange Heartbeat,’ ‘As The Night Gets Cold,’ and ‘Take Us Home’ depict more than just absorbing rhythms and tunes. R3load’s music knows no bounds and his distinct style takes Electronic and Dance music beyond instrumentation to deliver breathtaking emotions laced within each track.

Encircling listeners with a unique feeling of excitement and enthusiasm, the new record truly makes listeners feel as if they are part of a limitless experience. Getting listeners to dance to the beats, ‘Dim the Lights’ is sure to become R3load’s identity-defining, genre-bending masterpiece!

“Listeners feel amazing when listening to my music, which makes me feel even more excited. My music’s unique, because for me, it’s all about mood and a deep, energetic groove that get’s you dancing, regardless of genre, tempo or style,” comments R3load about his music.

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A skilled and inventive DJ and producer, Jesse Bisschop also known as R3load hails from Reuver, The Netherlands. When not performing, the eclectic artist spends his time in the studio creating his own original music, a passion which is catalysed by over 8 years of concerted efforts and experience.

Having spent several years playing at local night clubs and festivals dotted across The Netherlands & Germany (alongside local hard-hitters & international acts alike), Jesse has had a lot of time to develop his sound. For the artist, it is all about mood and a deep, energetic groove, playing those electronic tracks that get you dancing, regardless of what genre, tempo or style they embody.

With new records such as “Dim the Lights,” and new singles such as “The War Against The Black Lily,” R3load is building onto a truly impressive brand of music.


Name: Jesse Bisschop
Email: [email protected]




Source: ArtistPR