An Engaging and Intimate Country and Pop-Rock Composition- Jon Steele’s ‘A Beautiful Christmas Song’ Wins Hearts

With 100 songs already released and 30 new singles in the process of being recorded, Jon Steele has cemented his name in the beloved genre of Country

Hermitage, Pa — ‘A Beautiful Christmas Song’ is true to its straightforward name, a track that is rooted in beautiful narratives of the holiday season. Inspired by his own personal experiences, the new single adds to a discography that already includes 100 released songs and 8 recorded albums.

For the fantastic new single, ‘A Beautiful Christmas Song,’ Jon was also awarded Runners Up on Radio Air Play. His music introduces listeners to his divergent and diverse poetic style and instrumentation that presents an engrossing set of rhythms.

Absorbed in his own work, Jon Steele is currently in the process of recording 30 new singles, 3 albums, and 2 instrumental singles, which will soon be released later this year. Primarily a lyricist, Jon is also skilled in the roles of a drummer and part singer/ vocalist. Moving forward, he plans to enter all listeners by singing on all his future albums as well.

“Beautiful Christmas” was originally released in 2020 and has ever since, remained emblematic of the artist’s unique perspective.

“I have written a lot of my songs and compositions based on personal experiences. I have composed lyricism that is military-related or related to women, and sports and is poetic, inspirational, romantic, inspirational, and even funny. I am a unique drummer and singer especially because of my voice and drumming style,” says Jon Steele.

With a series of noteworthy collaborations with numerous musicians from demo companies such as Demo my Song and Tunedly, Jon plans to collaborate with New Demo Companies and Tunedly. He hopes to entertain and inspire the world through his music and lyrics and considers it to be his dream job and career.

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A 41-year-old singer-songwriter and vocalist, Jon Steele was born on April 20, 1981. Currently residing in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Jon is a disabled Air Force Veteran who currently works a part-time job for a survey company called the Grapevine Center, alongside being a professional bowler.

Having earned a prestigious degree of Masters in Exercise Science, he earned a personal certification from NASM. His other interests include Martial Arts whereby Jon has been awarded a black belt in karate. Delving into the art of music since 2002 and writing lyrics since 1997, Jon is a solo artist who has collaborated with other musicians in demo companies since 2002. He is currently not a music performer but plans to change this in future years. The eclectic artist’s musical influences include Rush, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Simple Minds, Journey, Bob Dylan, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Weird Al Yankovich, etc.


Jon Steele
Name: Jonathan Steele
Address: 285 Ellis ave, Apt 1, Hermitage, Pa
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7248778698

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