An Immersive, Harmonious, and Soulful Pop Record- Dr. Earl’s New Album Takes Listeners to a New Dimension

Having composed extensive instrumentation to complement his gifted vocals, Dr. Earl unveils his new record “Let\’s Wait Till the Morning Come to Save the World”

Melbourne, Florida — July 25th, 2023 – Having released on July 9th, 2023, Dr. Earl Riggins newest album- “Let’s Wait Till the Morning Come to Save the World” presents a magnetizing mix of instruments and vocals. Creating creative soundscapes, Earl paints a new dimension in Pop music, straight from an Akashic Realm.

A renowned artist and Phidian Monk, Dr. Earl Riggins’ new musical masterpiece is set to redefine pop music with its captivating harmonies and immersive tones. The multifaceted artist delivers a distinct pop experience that resonates deep within the soul.

Earl Riggins strongly believes that his guardian angel is the conduit through which this divine music is delivered to him, with a powerful message intended for the world. Beyond his musical brilliance, Earl Riggins is on a mission to make a difference. As the Founder of The Phidian Way, he aspires to initiate a program that provides essential medical support to women after childbirth.

“Let’s Wait Till the Morning Come to Save the World” serves as a catalyst for his vision, combining musical artistry with a compassionate cause. Fans and new listeners alike can find Earl Riggins’ music in digital stores and catch captivating videos on YouTube. His unique approach to music composition, rooted in the spiritual and the extraordinary, is sure to leave listeners relaxed, inspired, and craving more of his transcendent sounds.

Experience and embrace the fusion of pop music with divine inspiration as Dr. Earl Riggins takes you on an ethereal exploration! For interviews, reviews, or collaboration opportunities, reach out to Earl Riggins through his official website. Buy Earl Riggins music in digital stores and visit his official YouTube channel to delve deeper into his craft!




From the day he discovered the allure of music at daycare while watching a rock band perform, to his profound experiences playing various instruments, Dr. Earl Riggins’ life has been infused with the rhythm of creativity. Inspired by artists such as Wu Tang, Lox, Max B, Mos Def, Nas, Biggie, and Big L, Earl Riggins developed a deep passion for music at an early age.

While the dream of becoming a quarterback was cut short due to a sports injury, Earl Riggins’ life took an unexpected turn towards academia. His mother’s vision of him becoming a doctor became a driving force that ultimately led him to pursue a PhD in human services, graduating with a remarkable 4.00 average. Throughout his journey, Earl Riggins embraced different cultural ideas and concepts, exploring various churches and even singing in the Catholic choir. As a Phidian Monk, he cherishes his spiritual connection and the guidance of his guardian angel, which continues to fuel his artistic endeavors. Today, Dr. Earl Riggins stands as a multifaceted artist, skilled musician, and compassionate advocate for women’s healthcare.


Earl Riggins
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