And The Black Feathers release EP

Sociallusions, by Denver based And The Black Feathers, is a fantastic short set of long lasting classic rock combined with their own Chicago influenced punchy Garage Soul Rock. This is not easy to describe beyond the basics of rock, but what they do only draws from a time when everyone was doing it. The rest is all their own brand of gut level rock with a holy blues feel, yet a well-polished rock finish.  It wins on several levels as it draws you in and keeps you interested till the very last note of the four brilliantly written and recorded songs.


This band are killer, and they waste no time proving it with the opening notes of “Danger” demanding your attention and keeping it for the duration. These four players have something special, with three of them bringing their voices to the recording with sheer jubilance backed by a cool fuzzy guitar tone. They manage to mesmerize before the first song even ends and the rest is pretty much gravy after they beat you down with this pulverizing opener. It takes you back to when radio was good, and you heard this happening vibe pulsating out of it all the time.

I’m not saying the radio has nothing to offer anymore, because it does, it’s just that these songs are match fit for what it’s famous for and can’t be found as much anymore with looking very hard to hear stuff on this level. “Scandalous” stick to that zone like glue and delivers another radio ready or not piece of ear candy that certainly reminds of the garage bands of the 60s yet has a great modern sheen over it. There’s just something about this contagious track it’s undeniably awesome and anyone who likes pop music would agree if they heard it.

The EP centers around the first single, which is the well chosen “Feature” because it helps define what the title is about and-also follows its own suggestion to come up with ways to mend some very concerning trends of today. Interacting in the cyberworld and the real world is now a question of balance that can involve too much time spent on digital footprints. Even if you’re an artist it’s important to be aware and self-aware of reality from fantasy and vice versa in some cases. That’s part of the social-solutions concept and should be part of its overall outcome.


“Leash” is the number that speaks to me the most, but everything on Sociallusions is compelling, interesting and most of all fun turn up and let rock. It does have a classic quality about it without sounding like a tribute to the iconic garage scene of the 60s and that’s not easy to do but And The Black Feathers are clever, quirky and most of all they’re seasoned pros who know how to deliver their brand of old school rock mixed with contemporary values. I mean such values that don’t hide the beauty but bring it out to where it belongs.

Zachary Rush