Andre Mayon’s Debut Single “Love At First Sight”

The buildup to the music video to Andre Mayon’s debut single, “Love At First Sight” has been simmering for quite some time. The baritone singer, with a sensitive delivery, takes his photographer and video skills to next level beauty in the brilliant “Love At First Sight” video. His tenure working with his cousin, the award-winning Hype Williams, comes into play with Mayon’s video. With so little he does so much – the music video soars.

Let me hold you…before everything else…love at first sight, Mayon sings. In the video, he’s wearing a cowboy hat and it’s just him and his guitar. The camera is high definition – you can almost reach out and touch his tousling fingers on the guitar. The black and white film, compared to the splash of color and filtered lights in the scenes with the actress, lends one to believe that Mayon is represented in a way that his life hasn’t yet begun because he’s just experiencing the woman’s beauty from afar. He’s working up the courage to speak with her and is just in awe, waiting in the shadows. The woman, who doesn’t sing, but is showcased in outdoor scenes and closeups, as well as in a chic cowboy hat. Even the depiction of her as a working farmhand exudes femininity and grace.


As a launching pad for a new artist, the music video for “Love At First Sight” satisfies and checks many boxes. Furthermore, the video is very polished. Still, there is such a natural wonder, an untouched gloss that has semblances of a perfect day. I felt way more in tune, closer to Mayon has an artist after watching the music video. It definitely advanced my appreciation for the song. I think at its core, the video is an extension of the clear vision Mayon has for his music career and his art. He’s able to combine the high definition film and his lyrical strengths seamlessly. If you’re expecting the same fish-eye lens that his cousin Hype Williams pioneered all the way to his 2006 MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for filmmaking achievements, well, that’s been done already. Mayon excels at being his own, doing is own thing and that’s what makes “Love At First Sight” so astonishing. He’s presented himself in a way that is easy to embrace – just a voice and a guitar. Even hearing the song for the first time is like finding a new friend. The longer the song goes, the more you want to know more about Mayon himself.

If you’re in search of a song that touches your heartstrings, and shelters you with its incredible guitar arrangement than you will want to add “Love At First Sight” to your playlists. If, like a perfect wine pairing to a prime meal, you’re wanting that visual aspect to exceed your expectations and help you escape into a captivating, romantic scene, then you best be sure to add the music video to your visual playlist. Andre Mayon has a knack for creating lasting images and lingering emotions. His impressive debut “Love At First Sight”, just as its name suggests, is an instant hit.

Zachary Rush

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