Angelina Crowley’s Way with Sound

Angelina Crowley ReviewAngelina Crowley is an indie artist who has a way with sound. “Uptown Techno” isn’t picking up where Bruno Mars and Co. left off with “Uptown Funk” because it’s paving its own way. With no words it manages to create this landscape that explores the depths of sound – sounds that’d be found in a video game. In “High Road, Low Road” she finds her voice and it’s soft. She needs to learn how to take control of her natural instrument and let it shine a bit more. Rolling into “Melt with U” Crowley seems to combine the first two. Taking the upbeat tempo of the first and vocalizing. Last up, “Where Has the Magic Gone” takes a turn. From the title, one would think it’d be light and airy, instead it was kind of sombre. In the end Angelina Crowley is an artist who creates sounds, but needs to really learn how to control her voice to make it stand out in a crowd. (