Giovanni Pops the Latin Way

Giovanni ReviewGiovanni is a Latin pop artist from California that always puts his best foot forward. “Come Into My Arms” gets the party started right away. One part Enrique Iglesias with a dash of Michael Jackson, this song really puts you in the mood to not only dance, but sing along as well. With “Down Low” he does the same thing. Only this time the Latin artist really heads more towards the pop route than the last. Don’t be mistaken, both could do some damage on the Billboard charts, but this one feels more ‘90s pop than the other – which was more modern in a way. It was like Max Martin wrote it for Backstreet Boys and it resurfaced with Giovanni at the helm. Lastly, “Silence” takes us on a more laid back ride. The beat still makes you move, but the lyrics are delivered in a more subdued way than the others. If you’re a fan of pop music that has a Latin twist, check out California’s Giovanni today. (

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  • Very good write up. Glad to have him a part of Black Lion Entertainment Music Group. He makes us a much more diverse label.

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