Angelle: Reve (It’s But A Dream)

AngelleWhen it comes to New York, their inhabitants don’t mess around. That’s why you know you’re going to get the truth with Angelle’s “Reve (It’s But A Dream).” The record starts out with “Dream” and the drama builds up for a minute and then she comes in very serious. She has a great command of her situation and that’s clear from the stern way her lyrics come across here. In “Loving You” she lets her guard down just a bit and we can hear her heart. Then the script is flipped with “I’m All Fucked Up.” The title alone makes you anticipate what’s to come. It’s a true testament to where women are in music today. Back in the day heartbreak was so “woe is me” now women are fighting back with stronger words about it, but the whole song isn’t has hard as one would’ve assumed. It actually plays like something from Monica. Listeners go on quite the journey with Angelle. By the end she comes to terms with herself with “I Deserve” and it’s a high note to end on. If you’re a fan of Jill Scott and Monica, check out Angelle’s “Reve (Life’s But A Dream),” out now. (