K Valentino, The Soul of Jersey

K ValentinoK Valentino brings some soul to New Jersey with her latest bunch of tracks. “Drugz” sounds like it’d be this hardcore rap song, but then we’re introduced to a captivating, soulful delivery. In “Sneak Days (Comes Around)” the claps at the beginning really set the pace and make it light. You really feel like you’re listening to some classic Ashanti. With “Just Frontin’” the heart of the artist is laid out on the line and then some hip hop is tossed in the mix to break the song up and give it some drama. “The Ending” is just the beginning as it’s clear from what we’ve heard so far that K Valentino likes to bring a lot of theatrics to the intros of her songs. Each starts with these grand entrances. Lastly, “You The Boss” brings us to the actual end with a naughty track that would be a little risque for the radio, but perfect for some downtime at the crib. If you’re a fan of artists like Rihanna and Ashanti, check out K Valentino today. (https://soundcloud.com/kvalentino)