Matthew Weaver Gives His Pieces Peace`

Matthew WeaverMatthew Weaver is a true artist and performer. “Subsequential Passions” sounds like something you’d hear at the part of a classic era movie when the characters are walking through the woods, their enemies hiding in the bushes. Then all of a sudden that drama is taken up and lightened a bit in a fairytale like way. In his “Violin Sonata” Weaver plays on the sadness of things, but with every dark day there is brightness as this piece conveys. It’s clear that Matthew Weaver can write a wonderful and evoking piece of music and perform it with ease. With so many artists out there turning to pop and mainstream music, it’s nice to hear someone sticking with the classics. If you’re a fan of the first type of music to really take the world by storm all those centuries ago, check out Matthew Weaver’s pieces now. (