Angelo Remón: Natural

Angelo Remón ReviewAngelo Remón’s “Natural” is a smooth ride from start to finish. He lays it out flat with “I Don’t Cheat.” It’s the perfect song every woman wants a man to sing. Instead of a traditional R&B feel, he intertwines a sweet uptempo feel. Then he goes back to that soulful vibe in “Triflin” and “When Will I Know.” Here you can really hear the range in his vocals. He’s a treat to listen to. The thing about R&B is that it’s one of the few genres where you don’t need the help of all the modern day tools. All one needs to succeed here is a great set of pipes and what Angelo brings forth is that. His album is a fine mix between that well-known soul and of course more modern day, upbeat tracks that make you want to move. Angelo Remón’s “Natural” is for those who enjoy some Usher and Ne-Yo in their lives. (