Anna Givens-Giving Great Music Back To The Jazz World

Anna Givens-Giving Great Music Back To The Jazz WorldAnna Givens is a truly gifted Jazz singer from Toledo, Ohio. Music has been in and out of her life while growing up. She quite enjoyed it, but found the music business something that was not of interest to her. However, through many mutual friends in the music business, music came back into her life before she could blink. During 2004, she toured around the US with legendary Denver guitar player Eddie Turner and after that the rest was history. In 2008 she officially got in the studio to record a couple of songs and now finds herself more involved in music than ever before. Her debut album “SkyLark” showcases the cutting edge of jazz vocals and her ability to be a compelling story teller.

Vocalist Anna Givens , stays true to the smooth yet complex Jazz style that have been around for years.  The best part of hearing her songs is how Givens proves there is great depth that can be mined from bringing a new flavor to a genre that is the root of all music.  “Honeysuckle Rose,” for example, is so free flowing and open to possibilities while having that underlying jazz signature sound. The up-right bass leading the pack while the piano follows close behind leading up to blissful solo that will make those feet do things you never thought were possible. The snapping in the back ground will take you back to the juke box days where people just wanted to dance and have a grand ol time.

If you’re located on the East Coast more specifically Ohio then you’re in luck. Anna is playing a few shows there over the summer and has a residency at Fifi’s Reprise every Saturday. Take a glance at her MySpace to stay up to date on her events and new releases