Edward Burns Going From Teacher To Professional Musician

Edward Burns Going From Teacher To Professional MusicianEdward Burns has been teaching and studying music professionally for 20 years now. He is a former student of Marylhurst University where he graduated with honors as a Guitar Performance Major. He is well known for his unique and refined teaching style which he contributes to an online guitar course taught from Portland Community College. Little do people know that he composes his own music and hopes to share it with the world. His first album “All Of Me” explores the balances of acoustic and electronic sounds and haunting subject matters.

Edward Burns guitar style is neither overly dark nor overly optimistic. The chops meet in the middle to produce a flow-e (if that’s even a word) type sound. The melodies, voice, and smooth production that surround mystical and mysterious subjects in songs like “Requiem” and “Silver Angel” result in a very dream and roomy sound. The album song structure and the order that their in ironically create an alluring flow that will leave you not wanting to skip a song. Your mind will be filled with visual and audio images of each song. The way each song carelessly carries into the next one is unrecognizable. As such, “All Of Me” does have the overall musical congruence that can be expected from this talented individual. He did after all complete the album on his own from playing all the instruments to recording.mixing.

Edward has packed a truckload of influences and life experiences in “All Of Me”. The album is all over all the place in terms of sound, but impressively the end results are cohesive and will not leave you confused. You can buy the album here https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/edwardburns. I highly recommend it if you would like to be taken to a far away land surrounded by beautiful music.